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Becoming a Better Salesperson

Posted by Zac Kerr | November 1, 2019

Use these tips to become a better salesperson

Success in sales requires constant growth, and sales will reward you for the work you put in to improving. There’s a lot to improve on; there are so many factors that contribute to doing well in sales. Sales professionals may also have their own idea of how to be a good salesman. For some, success may mean making more sales to fill a standard quota. For others, it may come down to their ability to sell the most expensive company offerings. Whatever the specific goal a salesperson aims for, there are several tips they can follow to become even better at their job. Here are a few areas to start with.

Master the Art of Communication

The most important part of sales, especially in door-to-door sales, is communication. People are often immediately on the defensive when a salesperson shows up at their door. Communicating in a clear and effective manner can help to break down barriers to make way for a candid conversation. To do this, salespeople should focus on three aspects of communication:

  • Verbal: Keep your message clear and consistent by memorizing your script.
  • Tone: Keep your tone low and slow to avoid coming off as overbearing.
  • Body Language: Relax and communicate that calmness; you don’t want to intimidate potential customers.

Learn How To Show Empathy

Consumers buy products to resolve pain points. Whether these are hunger pangs or concerns about environmental protection, there is some problem that they believe a product can help them to manage or get rid of. Harvard Business Review believes that it is important for salespeople to recognize this and empathize with customers in order to see the problem from their perspective.

Empathy by itself will not close a sale. What it does is allow a salesperson to map the route from problem to solution for a customer. While communicating, empathy also helps them to adjust their words, tone and body language to relate better to the customer and put them at ease.

Remain Flexible About Your Approach

One Forbes article suggests that the secret to success in sales is learning how to modify your behavior to mimic others. This requires attention to detail, empathy, communication skills and an acute sense of self-awareness to pull off. However, this interpersonal flexibility can charm others due to a human bias toward familiarity.

The first step is to take some time to observe the other person and make mental notes about their behavior. Are they more reserved and formal or casual and carefree, for instance? Once you note their communication style, mirror this so that you can engage with them on their level. The author also cautions agents to remember that how they act at work does not define who they are as a person.

Embrace the Need To Conquer

There is a popular caricature of a successful salesman as the charismatic person brimming with self-confidence. People are drawn to him and he can convince anyone to purchase anything you place in his hands and ask him to sell. While this is an exaggeration, it nonetheless showcases the level of self-confidence both men and women need to remain successful in sales.

The drive to be successful and to knock sales quotas out of the park requires a healthy ego and a positive self-image. If salespeople feel insecure and uncomfortable, they will communicate this unintentionally when they knock on someone’s door. Customers, in turn, may sense this discomfort and feel ill at ease themselves, making it even more difficult for the salesperson to make a sale.

Be Open To Learning New Things

Harvard Business Review cites a case in the Northeast where a company invested a large sum of money in creating a training course. At the end of the course, the company conducted a review. It was appalled to learn that overall, there was no improvement in sales. The managers then requested a review of the training program and the trainees to see where the company went wrong.

HBR identified that some of the workers did, in fact, improve. However, these were only a handful of workers. Most of them did not improve at all because they should not have been working in sales in the first place. The reason HBR gave for their professional incompatibility was that they were rigid and opinionated. It found that these types of people did not respond well to training.

Partner With SalesRabbit

Most of the advice on how to be a good salesperson centers on self-improvement and professional growth. It is also possible to boost sales by relying on apps that work. SalesRabbit can help you to make more sales with less effort in a number of ways. 

Our app helps you to find the right buyers, map out your high-quality leads and pick the best route to cover them all. We also provide a comprehensive learning platform and marketing tech. 

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