App Update: Lead Stacking

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Thanks to lead stacking, Lead Management is faster and smarter.

In a recent update for Android and iOS, we’ve improved the way that groups of leads work and look in the app. This is going to be a big improvement for a lot of users, especially those who spend a lot of time working in urban and compact areas.

Here’s the low-down on the new Lead Stacking feature:

Lead Management for every type of residence:

SalesRabbit was initially designed for suburban areas, which is where nearly all our early clients did their work. But we’ve been growing into new use cases and markets and finding that we needed to make changes for international clients and those in more urban areas.

A lot of these areas have housing that spreads upward instead of outward, and the new lead stacking feature is completely equipped to deal with leads who live in these areas. As you’re working through an apartment or housing complex, you’ll be able to disposition each individual residence but still keep all the leads stacked under the same building pin. This keeps the map accurate and prevents it from getting over-crowded.

Hassle-free lead stacking and viewing:

Creating a lead stack will be easy. All you have to do is drag leads on top of each other and they’ll automatically form a lead stack. Pretty intuitive.

We didn’t want lead stacking to interfere with the user’s ability to view individual leads, however. We’ve changed things up so that each stack will pull up a lead list that makes it easy for you to view and edit leads within that list.

Faster lead loading and sorting:

Our previous solution to the lead stacking was serviceable but would sometimes result in laggy load times when you first pulled up the map. With the new update, we’ve changed things around so the app will render the stack as a single lead, not a group of leads. In other words, stacked leads will load much faster and much cleaner than they were before. You’ll notice the difference as soon as you open the map over (or zoom in on) an area with stacked leads.

Tracking lead statuses within a stack:

One big advantage of the SalesRabbit map is that you can quickly see all the different lead statuses in an area and make decisions based on what you see. Of course, stacking a bunch of leads can complicate that, because leads with different statuses are stacked on top of each other.

Here’s our solution– when you’re looking at lead stacks, we’ve made it so the color of the stack is the color of the predominant lead status in the group. So, if you’ve got a stack of ten leads and six of them want you to come back, the stack will appear green to match the “Go Back” status color.

These changes make life much easier for teams working in these more condensed areas. If you’ve got any questions on Lead Stacking or any of our other features, be sure to contact your account’s Customer Success Manager or support agent. If you’re not yet using SalesRabbit, you can use the Rabbot to chat with a rep and learn more.

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