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Adapting Your Marketing Strategy in Covid-19

Posted by scott.porter | September 1, 2020

How to adapting your marketing strategy during Covid-19

If Covid-19 has thrown you an unexpected curveball in the marketing department, you’re not alone. We have all seen changes in our marketing thanks to Covid, but we’re not out of ideas for how to adapt during this trying time. Katie Ullmann from Antenna, Lennie Moreno of Sofdesk, and our very own Mike Hilverda are some of the innovators looking to create a successful marketing plan in 2020. They have recorded a podcast episode hosted by Nico Johnson at Suncast Media that allows you all to hear and learn from their industry knowledge. 

What They Discuss

  • Learning to generate revenue when you can’t meet face to face. While businesses are struggling, new ways of producing revenue have to be considered. Moreno explains that video conferences and email nurture campaigns are ways to generate leads while meeting face to face is not the safest option.
  • How to engage online with potential new customers. Just because we can’t meet face to face with people doesn’t mean there isn’t a way to engage online. 
  • Staying relevant and in touch with current customers. There are multiple options to contact a customer, emails, direct mail campaigns, phone calls, etc. can all be easy and simple ways to stay relevant in that customers buying process.
  • Strengthening your brand during a crisis. In spite of COVID-19, this marketing team has found ways to continually build your brand for a stronger future. While everyone is home and continues to remain at home, Hilverda explains that we need to be looking for ways to “pre-seed and area and create brand awareness to generate interest” while it is easy to do so.
  • Employing technologies and processes to track leads with your team in a remote environment. Running a remote team can be challenging, but adapting a long term strategy that works for your team with a mindset of “pivot” will help make the process easier.
  • How taking a sensitive approach to the experiences of your customer is vital to winning them over as a customer. Position the questions: is this sensitive? Is this relevant? before proceeding.
  • Adjusting your marketed areas based on what is relevant and necessary. Ullmann explains that they stopped marketing to certain cities and utilities based on what the area was dealing with regarding Covid at the time.

Full Podcast Episode

If you’re looking for the entire episode and not just the bullet points, check it out now or watch the webinar replay here. This honest conversation and sharing of industry knowledge is just what we all need to get our inspiration back and our marketing on point again. Set yourself up for success in this post COVID-19 world.

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