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6 Ways to Motivate New and Returning Salespeople

Posted by Sean | March 1, 2018

sales training motivation tips

Every success in sales begins with motivation. Here’s how to build that in your teams.

As experts in D2D and field sales strategy, we see too many companies fall short of their mark due to a lack of direction. Though energy and enthusiasm are important qualities, they alone do not constitute a sales strategy. To become an effective sales leader, you need to train and guide your team of new recruits toward a common goal. To reap the full benefit of canvassing software and field sales apps, take the reins and integrate the following six practices into your sales training regimen.

1. Devise a Cohesive Sales Strategy

All effective sales teams need a leader who has a clear vision for success. However, too often, sales leaders lack a comprehensive understanding of their business and strategy. Though they may be experienced and enthusiastic sales reps, they struggle to pass their strengths on to their team. Before you train new recruits, you must know the material.

To avoid this common misstep, make the effort to mature your business. Define your sales process, a clear step-by-step breakdown to guide your team, from prospecting to closing. More importantly, implement an analytics system, or a way of measuring results and trends over time, to track the effectiveness of the sales process and team.

2. Share How Your Business Works

An effective sales team should be able to assist clients with any number of questions. In order to do this, new recruits must be fully versed in the sales process. Before sending your new salespeople into the field, make sure they know the nitty-gritty of your business. An effective rep should be able to answer common questions about business operations, such as shipping details, customer resources or departmental roles. At the very least, they should know who to contact for the answer.

When training your new or returning sales staff, commit considerable time to business operations. Make sure they understand the role and basic function of each facet of the company well enough to pass that information onto clients if needed.

outside sales motivation training tips

3. Train With Easy Sales

As with all new teams, there is going to be a learning curve. When breaking in new sales reps, start them off with easy sells in their first few months. Using a field sales app or canvassing software, assign the most promising prospects to your new recruits. After a few quick sales, your sales reps gains both experience and confidence, motivated to take on more difficult challenges.

4. Implement Peer-to-Peer Mentoring

Never underestimate the value of peer relations. In pairing new recruits with veteran sales staff, you can multiply your training efforts with peer-to-peer mentorship. When new team members are out in the field for the first time, they can someone with experience alongside them. Though your new reps should lead the conversation, should they trip up in the beginning, they have a safety net.

Peer-to-peer mentoring also offers insight into new recruit performance. With an additional set of eyes overseeing the new recruits in their early months, you can gain detailed knowledge of their strengths and shortcomings. Peer mentoring goes well beyond the initial training phase, providing a continued effort to shape and develop your sales team.

5. Check in With Your Sales Team

When sales leaders let their team fall by the wayside, they are no longer effective leaders. To build a close-knit team and motivate sales, check in regularly with each member of your sales staff, at least once a week. This can be as simple as a five-minute phone call or meeting. You can use this time to review current prospects, identify strengths and weaknesses, motivate discouraged team members. Most importantly, you gain valuable insight into the effectiveness of your sales strategy and team, including their shortcomings.

6. Promote Success Stories

Success is contagious. Sharing stories of success among your sales team is an effective tool for encouraging performance. When one team member closes a noteworthy sale, tell the rest of the team. If told effectively, success stories motivate others who may be discouraged or struggling to close.

For additional encouragement, use customizable leaderboards to introduce professional competitiveness among your sales team. When sales reps can see how their colleagues perform, they are motivated to push harder.

Positive reinforcement combined with healthy competition nurtures growth. For more information  about D2D software and building a sales process, save your spot for the next SalesRabbit webinar today.

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