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6 Insights for Using Marketing in D2D Sales

Posted by Diana May-Jennings | March 28, 2016

Use marketing to increase your company’s productivity

There’s no doubt that door-to-door sales is a great way to build a business. But it’s hard work. That’s why Sales Rabbit is committed to making your job, as a door to door salesperson, manager, or business owner, easier and more successful.

Here are 6 easy-to-implement, low cost marketing ideas to help the sales roll in a little faster and easier. These ideas complement door-to-door sales very well.

Guerilla Marketing

According to the all-knowing Google dictionary, Guerilla marketing strategies are “innovative, unconventional, and low-cost marketing techniques aimed at obtaining maximum exposure for a product.”

Let’s start with the basics: are you using flyers? This is an oldie but goodie. Lots of companies have them, but lots of companies don’t!

Flyer response rates to the general public are similar to unfocused direct mail rates: 1-2%. There’s at least 2 reasons why you should use them:

Insight # 1: You or the sales guys you manage are already knocking doors! A large percentage of people won’t be home. If someone is home, oftentimes it’s not the decision maker. So if you’re going to be there anyway, why not leave something?

Insight # 2: It’s cheap! A well-written flyer is an ad. At 0.05¢ a piece, why not? Every sales guy who knocks 100 doors a day should get a call or two from it every day, and an extra sale or two a week. Yard signs are another good one. Most home security and lawn care companies ask that their clients put signs on their yards. Why don’t the other industries do this too?

Insight # 3: Don’t forget to use your car to advertise! Car magnets and bumper stickers are easy ways to advertise what you sell. You could put car magnets on your own car like this:

When you drive you car to and from your areas, it gets seen by dozens or even hundreds of people every day. This is such a good marketing method that there are companies that get paid to connect drivers and advertisers, like Carvertise.

I know that this one seems a little lame…but believe me, it works. I used to work for a company that run Craigslist ads to get leads for pest control companies all over the country, and you’d be surprised how many sales it generated. In some markets, like Atlanta, Georgia and the Inland Empire in California, Craigslist ads generated hundreds of sales per summer. This method also works for lawn care, home security, and construction services.

Partnership Referrals

Hopefully you and your team are already asking for referrals after every sale you close.

Insight # 4: A “partnership” referral is different but a useful business tool. It’s another business that refers you business for a cut of the deal. In corporate America these are called “alliances” or sometimes “affiliates”.

Smart company executives (like the VP of Sales) or business owners usually spend a lot of time trying to create these, because they can get you a flood of profitable new business. Individual sales reps can do it too! It’s probably not something you want to spend a lot of time on, but reaching out to and following up with a few new companies each week will produce huge results in the long term. Ideal partnerships come from businesses that are growing and getting lots of new customers all the time. Ideally they have a complementary service to yours.

For example, if you sell roofing, you’ll want referrals from general contractors, real estate agents, home inspectors, and real estate investors. If you’re in solar, you could set up partnerships with energy auditors, electricians, general contractors, home builders, organic food co-ops, health food stores, and other eco-friendly businesses.

Just get creative and think of where there is demand for your product, and you can build a great partnership that rolls in the sales!

Internet Marketing

Insight # 5: The point of the email isn’t to directly sell them. Rather, it warms them up. It’s called “lead nurturing”. You provide useful information, credibility, and additional, non-invasive touch points. If done properly, you can expect about 20% of these people to become customers over the next few weeks. Of those who don’t become customers immediately, you can keep on sending them quarterly emails. You’d be surprised at how many of them sign up in the future.

Insight # 6: Another thing that you should be doing is running ads to these people. You can connect your CRM to Facebook and Google to run “retargeting” ads. DataGrid, one of our newest features, gives you reliable sales intelligence and homeowner information, so you can go exactly where the deals are. Everyday, you and your salespeople are talking to people that are interested, but don’t want to buy immediately. The sales rep grabs their name, phone number and e-mail to follow up with them. Then, over the next week, they get phone calls from the rep and emails and ads from the company.

Use These Insights Now

Guerilla marketing tactics, partnerships and Internet/digital marketing all work great in conjunction with door to door sales.

What marketing tactics do you use that haven’t been mentioned here?

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