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5 Ways to Motivate Sales Reps Post Covid

Posted by Sean Huckstep | May 25, 2021

What post pandemic recovery looks like for sales

It’s no secret that Covid has affected every workforce and still does. For our industry there has been a hockey stick-like recovery curve. We noticed that field sales companies who stuck to their model had the best months they have had this past year and others are going full throttle right now on recruiting and hiring sales teams. 

Over the past 12 months during covid, SalesRabbit, has been strategizing and building new products that launched at the beginning of the year. With new products to sell it energizes the sales team and allows them to bring new things to the market, reach out to previous prospects and have a broader audience to sell. We’ve also discovered new ways to keep your reps motivated and retain your top talent after the pandemic. 

5 Methods for keeping reps motivated:

  • Use incentives
  • Change what you care about. During covid, we put more emphasis on performing the right behaviors for all your income producing activities stats such as, new leads, calls, texts, emails, presentations given, etc. Now that we are selling more, we focus and place emphasis less on the activities and more on the revenue generated.
  • Create a positive culture, talking about good things that happened, and going out to lunch as a team.
  • Get competitive. Hold sales competitions that will light a fire under your reps and give them something to work towards. 
  • Learn to be vulnerable with one another and talk about things that could improve, get better, etc. As a sales leader I have noticed that if you don’t take the problems solely on your shoulders but share the issues you face with the team and present the team a problem to solve, you get to a solution faster and everyone on the team is onboard. Then you have something to celebrate as a team.

What factors do you think can help other companies retain top talent?

During covid, we spent additional time training and developing our sales team internally. We invested in our people, which helped them to feel a level of progression for themselves when sales numbers weren’t as high. This gave our sales team a sense of unity and purpose when sales were down. This is what else we did that helped retain our top performers:

  • Creating real, authentic relationships with those that you work with will help keep people around because they have a sense of connection and family where they work that they don’t want to leave.
  • Help all reps in your company feel appreciated (we like giving out employee awards to exemplary employees every month). Start drafting some employee award ideas and your employees will thank you for it.
  • Selling more. The more you sell, the happier and more energetic the team will be. Find ways to keep selling.

Need Help Re-Energizing Your Team?

SalesRabbit hasn’t been immune to the economic downturn of Covid but we have learned a lot to keep our team motivated and retain our top talent and we want to share that with you. Schedule a free demo with us today and see what we can do for your team.

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