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4 Ways to Develop Leadership Skills

Posted by Diana May-Jennings | August 20, 2021

See why leadership skills are important and how to obtain them

Having leadership skills is essential to being a successful professional and leader. Whether you’re in charge of the entire team or just yourself, having leadership skills will always help improve your ability to motivate, communicate, and manage yourself and others. If you want to learn more about what basic leadership skills are and four ways to develop them, keep reading.

What are leadership skills?

Leadership skills are the abilities you have to help you effectively motivate and empower teams in any industry and lead them to meet important business objectives.

Basic Leadership Skills

While this isn’t a list of all the leadership skills one can have, these skills below are examples of abilities that effective leaders have and use to improve their teams. Check out which of these leadership skills you’ve already mastered and which ones you want to gain.

  • Open communication: A leader needs to communicate effectively and clearly with stakeholders, employees, and all involved teams. Additional skills that support effective communication are active listening, clarity, concision, and persuasion.
  • Strong people management: As leaders lead people, they must manage groups and help them succeed. People management skills can include communication, active listening, working collaboratively, team building, empathy, giving feedback, and delegating responsibility.
  • Flexibility: Things can change quickly for a business, and leaders must be flexible and able to face changes in the market, employee turnover, or any issues that arise. Being able to think strategically is a skill that strongly relates to being flexible.
  • Decisiveness: Leaders must be able to confidently and decisively make informed decisions on critical business matters. Additional skills that support decisiveness are motivation, problem-solving, strategic thinking, and communication.
  • Reliability: People look up to leaders, so they must be reliable. Your teams want to know and trust that you’re giving them the tools they need to succeed, and higher-ups want to trust that you will meet the goals set out for you. Additional skills related to reliability are trustworthiness, integrity, timeliness, and the ability to take the initiative.
  • Self and team motivation: Leaders must be self-motivated when it comes to hitting targets and performing their job duties. You also need to find ways to motivate your teams and help them feel empowered and able to achieve business goals. Share these 12 Motivational Sales Quotes to get your team fired up.
  • Ability to mentor and teach: One of the most important things for a leader to do is mentor and teach employees and help them develop their professional skills. Related skills include helpfulness, giving positive reinforcement, understanding employee differences, and providing constructive feedback.
  • Ability to give and receive feedback: People look to leaders for guidance, so it’s critical to be able to provide feedback to employees for their development and for you to be able to receive feedback from others.

How to Develop Leadership Skills

Although this is a pretty basic list of leadership skills, not everyone naturally possesses them. So what do you do to gain more leadership skills and expand your abilities? Here are some basic ways that you can change your routine to include building leadership skills:

  1. Use resources like podcasts, audiobooks, and books to expand your knowledge and learn about what other leaders are doing.
  2. Build a network of successful leaders to ask questions and see what they have done to get where they are. Social media like Linkedin and in-person conferences are a great way to get your name and intentions of becoming a leader out there.
  3. Participate in workshops. Whether it be in-person or online, workshops about building leadership qualities and habits will be a great way to actively change your routine right away.
  4. Chat with leaders in your company. If you have a superior at work that you look up to, ask if you can buy them a coffee or lunch to pick their brain about ideas you may have or what they did to become a better leader. 

Don’t expect immediate growth when you’re trying to develop leadership skills. This is a continual process that is never perfected—even the best leaders in the world are still learning and further developing the leadership skills they already have. 

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