4 Secrets to Improve Solar Sales with SalesRabbit

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The demand for solar energy is exploding, and conquering the market requires a fast, effective sales approach. You can’t afford to get bogged down by outdated or clumsy processes. That’s why we’re here. We’ll accelerate your teams and eliminate every major obstacle that slows them down and hinders their success. See what 4 secret software tips SalesRabbit gives solar companies to make them more successful.

4 Software Secrets to Improve Solar Sales with SalesRabbit:

  1. Digital Steps in the Sales Process
  2. Quick Customer Qualification
  3. Presentation Tools
  4. Specific Software Integrations

#1 Digital Steps in the Sales Process

In the world of solar sales, wasted time is one of your greatest enemies. We remove the major obstacles that slow you down by digitizing the major steps of the sales process that most companies do manually. Now you can digitally:  

  • Manage your areas faster. 
  • Track your leads. 
  • Target high propensity buyers based on their income, time at residence, credit, and more. 
  • Qualify customers quickly from the field. 
  • Process custom customer deals digitally. 

#2 Quick Customer Qualification

The customer qualification process is a huge roadblock for most solar sales. Too often the process takes far too long, lowering rep satisfaction and increasing customer turnover rates. We’ve digitized the qualification process so that you can run credit through any of the three major bureaus. If you want to increase approval rates, you can also automate the system to run the check with multiple bureaus. 

#3 Presentation Tools

In a growing market of solar companies that market door-to-door, it’s crucial to exhibit as much legitimacy and professionalism as possible. We make that possible by providing you with the best presentations possible, reinforced by digital sales tools that can include everything from PDFs to video. If you’d like to go above and beyond, we offer integrations with tools like SOLO and Tiled, who create some of the most engaging, interactive presentations and proposals out there to strengthen your brand and improve communication with customers.

#4 Specific Software Integrations

At SalesRabbit we feature over 60 integrations, but there are some better suited to help solar sales reps. We pair with some of the biggest names in solar software like:

Let’s Chat About it

For even more tips for selling solar, check out How to Sell Solar to the Modern Buyer and schedule a free demo with us today to chat about how we can help walk you through how to accelerate your sales process.

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