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4 Communications Mistakes to Avoid

Posted by scott.porter | June 16, 2020

Avoid these 4 common communications mistakes with remote work

Remote work is becoming more and more normal for many companies. We all have the opportunity to try out remote work and see how and if it can benefit your business. But there are dos and don’ts with everything in business and these are 4 common communication mistakes you should avoid with your remote team.

Not using a Company-Wide Chat Often

Our favorite Slack channel #general is where we notify each other of important updates and exciting changes in the company. Company-wide chats are a great way to keep everyone in the company involved, informed, and excited about the team’s progress, even through remote work.

The #1 communication mistake companies make with remote work is not keeping their teams involved and invigorated. Creating a company culture through a shared channel is the best way to keep your team successful, no matter where they are. 

Never Video Chatting

When you’re working from home sometimes it’s nice to see your coworker’s face. We all need some human interaction and seeing our coworkers via video chatting is a great way to do that.

There’s a big difference between chatting in a channel and seeing someone’s face and hearing their voice while catching-up or working on a project together. 

When you’re not using video chat, it’s too easy to become disengaged from the meeting. A large part of communication is visual, so make sure you’re incorporating that into your meetings so that you can have stronger interactions among teammates.


We understand that remote working comes with downsides. For example, you can’t be there to observe the work your team is doing in person, you have to trust that your team will keep up communication and get their work done.

If you’re insecure about employees working from home, micromanaging isn’t the answer. Rather than constantly barraging your employees or coworkers, try having a weekly catch-up meeting or work out a form of communication that still gives breathing room to everyone involved. 

Only Focusing on Work

There are times to work and times to kick back and have some fun with coworkers. It’s proven that taking breaks from work will increase productivity and give you a happier work life. This doesn’t mean that you can ignore your work responsibilities for fun activities, but there are a lot of chances to have fun with your coworkers or employees through the computer.

At SalesRabbit we’ve hosted Zoom talent shows and also have a #random slack channel to tell jokes or share interesting facts and the most recent cat video. These are small but simple ways that you can take a break from work while building team connection through humor.

Embrace It

We’ve established that even as life continues to get back to normal, remote work isn’t going anywhere. It’s the era of endless remote opportunities so now’s the time to start embracing the changes and learn what works and what doesn’t. It’s important to remember that not every team is the same, but these are 4 standard communication mistakes that can impede a remote team’s ability to be successful. 

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