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4 Books To Improve Your Sales Mentality

Posted by Zac Kerr | July 17, 2020

Check out these 4 books to improve your mentality and win more sales

In difficult times, it can be hard to stay focused on the task-at-hand. If you’re looking to get your sales mentality back on track and improve your sales, these are books worth reading.

While there are only 2 specifically sales-focused books in this list, all 4 will teach you vital practices to get your mentality back, focusing your attention to yourself and your work. They will all help you learn something new here that will benefit you in the future of your sales career. 

No. 1

“The Challenger Sale: Taking Control of the Customer Conversation”

by Matthew Dixon and Brent Adamson

The Challenger Sale is well-researched and backed by strong science, and it exposes the weaknesses that prevent a lot of salespeople from being successful. It clearly instructs salespeople on how to change and reach ‘trusted advisor’ status with their customers.

There is a huge difference between a rep that maintains a superficial relationship with a lead as opposed to someone who becomes their trusted friend. It doesn’t take as much time as you’d expect to get to that level; all you need is the right information. As a result of acting on the words of Dixon and Adamson, your relationship with prospects will improve and you’ll become an overall better salesperson. 

No. 2

“Awaken the Giant Within”

by Tony Robbins

This #1 National Bestseller by Tony Robbins teaches you how to take immediate control of your mental, emotional, physical, and financial destiny. This will help you find power in your personal and professional life.

If you feel like you’ve hit rock bottom and you need advice on how to take control of your life, this book is the one for you. Personal and professional health are equally important, especially in sales, it’s time you took full control of the destiny you want to have.

No. 3

“Door-to-Door Millionaire: Secrets of Making a Sale”

by Lenny Gray

Another sales-centered must have is the bestseller Door-to-Door Millionaire: Secrets of Making a Sale by author Lenny Gray. Gray has years of experience in the sales industry, and he writes to inform others of common mistakes and shows how smart salespeople avoid those mistakes.

When you’re aware of sales mistakes before you make them, it’ll save you a lot of time and money in the long run. Being a smart salesperson comes with being proactive and arming yourself with industry knowledge, and Lenny Gray has collected a lot of that knowledge here in this book.

No. 4

“The 5 Second Rule”

by Mel Robbins

While this book was not written directly for salespeople, it still provides useful information. Having endured a lot of negative experiences, Mel Robbins decided to dedicate a book to what saved her: The 5 Second Rule. Simply put, the rule tells us to count down from 5 and then act on whatever you were too scared to do.

This is how Robbins got out of debt, saved her marriage, and became a motivational speaker. This can also be applied to sales. We all have those days where we struggle to just get out of bed or knock on a door, but the advice in this book can help us overcome obstacles and have success. 

Find More Books

While these 4 books are must-haves, there are plenty more sales and motivational books that you should look into. Check out our Top 8 Books for Door-to-Door Sales. There are so many resources when it comes to learning about sales and books are a great way to expand your knowledge, ambition, and ability to be a productive and successful salesperson.

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