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3 Smooth & Funny Sales Pitches from the Movies

Posted by Diana May-Jennings | January 8, 2016

Learn what it takes to give a great sales pitch from these 3 movies

These super smooth and amusing sales pitches from the movies will get your inner sales guy prepped and ready to go! These 3 classic examples come from Leonardo DiCaprio as the Wolf of Wall Street, Chris Farley in Tommy Boy, and Robert Downey Jr. as the famous Iron Man.

Pitch #1 Wolf of Wall StreetPhone Pitch

This pitch is super smooth and has great emotional emphasis. Even if it isn’t the most honest, it’s a great example of the emotion and passion that needs to go into your pitch in order to convince your customer that they need your product.

Pitch #2 Tommy Boy Learning to Overcome Rejection

Overcoming the “no’s” is crucial to success. How many no’s do you typically go through before getting the sale? Sales is known as the world of rejection and it’s not for everyone, but despite common opinion, you can overcome rejection. And of course, adding a little humor doesn’t hurt either.

Pitch #3 IronmanInclude Explosions and Free Drinks

Talk about a demo! As they say in the military, sometimes you need to go for “shock and awe.” Tony Stark displays knowledge, a level head, and of course the shock factor that labels his product as a necessity. There is a lot to learn from sales pitches in the movies. These are just 3 examples of great salesmen that can help teach you to wow your future prospects.

Are there any movie scenes that you know of with great sales pitches?

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