3 Mobile Sales Communication Tools

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Use these 3 sales communication tools to improve your team’s process

There’s no question that communication is key to being successful in any industry—especially sales. There are a lot of tools, apps, and methods for communicating within a team. These are three of the most useful communication tools we’ve found for outside sales teams.

Check Out the Communication Tools

# Voxer: No one uses walkie talkies on a regular basis anymore, but now you can. The Voxer app is the modern version of a walkie talkie with the capabilities to hear messages as people speak, or listen later at your convenience. You’re also able to use instant voice communication alongside texts, photos, videos, gifs, and location sharing.

#2 SalesRabbit Team Messaging: With our team messaging platform you can message between reps, managers, and send any videos, pictures, or GIPHs.


#3 Microsoft Teams: With Microsoft Teams you can easily invite your coworkers or employees to work together in a consolidated group. As a result, you have a shared workspace where you can quickly chat, meet, call, and collaborate, all in one secure place. 

Get These Tools Now

All of these communication tools are available through our platform as an integration or feature. Any of these three tools will be a great way to not only improve the communication of your sales team, but also the effectiveness of your sales process. If you don’t feel like these are the apps for you, check out our other recommendations of the 12 Best Apps for Salespeople Part 1 and Part 2 instead. 

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