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3 Features to Change The Way You Work

Posted by scott.porter | June 29, 2020

These 3 features will change the way you work for the better.

We know a lot of companies have a routine or system that gives them success. But what if you could increase that productivity by introducing these 3 new organizational features into your process? Incorporating any of these features would only enhance the positive potential that your company already has. If you’re interested in creating more success for you and your business, you’ve got to master territorial mapping, lead management, and team messaging. 

#1 Territorial Mapping

Success begins with visualization. Territory management is a big part of successfully operating a sales team, and doing it wrong wastes time and loses deals. Our territory mapping software makes it easy to draw out areas, assign them to reps, and visually track their progress through those areas. You’ll be working areas intelligently, efficiently, and quickly.

  • Start creating custom areas. You’re in complete control of the sizes, shapes, and quantities of your areas. Quickly draw custom areas over a detailed map view.
  • Quickly assign designed areas. Once you’ve drawn out your areas, it’s easy to assign them to reps for canvassing and lead tracking.
  • Easily view past data. You can also view all the reps who have been previously assigned to those areas and follow-up with their work.

#2 Lead Management

Never worry about losing a lead again. Sales teams lose leads all the time—not because they’re sloppy, but because they don’t always have the right tools. This is especially true for outside sales teams who struggle because they’re using tools designed for inside sales teams. But we’ve been in the field, and we know better, so we want to make your tools your outside sales team can actually use. Our lead management software makes it easy to track your leads because it organizes them the same way that you work them—geographically.

  • Lead Tracking and Dispositioning: Tracking a lead is as simple as dropping a pin at a residence and dispositioning it with a pre built or custom lead status. Collect lead information and use it: you can call, text, or email leads directly from your app. Then you can change lead statuses and track them as you move them through your sales funnel.
  • Lead Stacking: If you’re working in an area with apartment complexes or other compact housing, it can be hard to see all your leads easily. With lead stacking, your leads will automatically stack on a specific location. Then you can easily pull up the lead list to view and edit them individually.
  • Organize and Notify: When you’ve got a lot of leads and your schedule is getting confusing, appointment notifications help you move quickly without anyone dropping out of your funnel.
  • Route Planner: Get everywhere you’re going faster with an intelligent route planner. Upload and prioritize your leads and appointments and we’ll map it all out your preferences for you.

#3 Messaging

As we all know, communication is key. Disjointed teams will always put up disjointed numbers, and that’s not where you want to be. We bring all your team communication into one organized place so that you can strive for greatness as a unified group.

  • Team Messaging Between Users: Send in app messages with each other. Use it for team talk, use it for trash talk. Whatever keeps everyone moving.
  • Team Messaging for Managers: Send out mass messages to all of your reps. Use it to communicate incentives, shout out your high-performers, send out training or coaching material, and much more.
  • Worth a Thousand Words: Send pictures and other files to closers, techs, or other reps who can do their job better when they see what you’re seeing.
  • And of course, reactions and GIFs: Did someone say something actually funny? Show ‘em some love with the laughing face reaction emoji. And then follow up with your favorite GIF.

Get These Features Now

To get more in-depth knowledge about these features and many more from us, request a free demo here and one of our talented team members will be able to guide you through our complete sales app process.

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