2022 Recent and Future SalesRabbit Improvements

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SalesRabbit has a number of enhancements that have recently launched as well as some additional improvements on the horizon. With a rapidly-growing employee base, these enhancements will continue to become bigger and more frequent. Here’s what we’ve released in the past year and what you can expect in the near future:

  • Integrated Support Chat: 24/7 Live chat with SalesRabbit support available on the Android app. Coming soon on iOS!
  • Weather Optimization & Storm Finder Launched: Storm Finder, a tool for Weather has improved effectiveness for companies who rely on weather data to find deals. Users can see storm history within a specified radius of any given US zip code, set filters for hail size, wind gust, and hail probability. On top of new features, Weather has improved in performance and stability and is now available for both iOS and Android.
  • Data Synchronization: Our app has gotten a huge upgrade over the last year, including increased speed, stability, and scalability on a level that has never been seen before.
  • Web Maps Available: Now you can access your lead and area maps, create areas and leads on the mobile app and the web dashboard. Currently open in public beta. 
  • DGAI Launched: DataGrid AI provides valuable lead insights, metadata and propensity to convert scoring specific to our customers’ selling segment. Data is refreshed constantly while our insights and learning engine refines area data insights catered to our customer base.
  • Analytics Update: An improved Analytics dashboard is now available for beta testing. This in-house analytics engine gives our customers big data insights into their organization. More than just a leaderboard, analytics allows customers to track trends, segment data such as user organization and roles, and offer insights into lead conversion rates.
  • Web Maps Available: Now you can access your lead and area maps, create areas and leads on the mobile app and the web dashboard. Currently open in public beta.
  • New Integrations: With now over 37 integrations including Salesforce, HubSpot, Pipedrive, JobNimbus, Aurora, SOLO, and more, SalesRabbit is more equipped than ever to improve your sales process.
  • Enterprise Account Improvements: New single sign-on for accounts has been initiated to improve security around OpenID as well as a significantly improved public API.
  • Lead Activity History: In Lead Activity feature anytime a lead status is logged, including change in ownership, the status will automatically appear within the new Activity panel. Giving a complete history of a lead rather than the most recent status.

Updates to Look Forward to:

  • Scheduler with Notifications: A robust scheduling tool to enable customers to schedule and pass off leads in a way that fits your unique sales model.
  • Hurricane Peril Coming Soon: Hurricane data will be added onto Weather to allow reps to see critical hurricane map data to support canvassing efforts to impacted areas right within the SalesRabbit app.
  • Enhanced filtering for Storm Finder: New filtering will allow customers to find storm events that they want by filtering out data they may not. This will allow users to target events that lead to more successful canvassing efforts.
  • Import Tooling: For those who need to import Lead, User and Customer data into SalesRabbit, our importing tool will be getting a much needed facelift. This should allow users a more seamless experience to get adhoc data right into their SalesRabbit account. 
  • In-app Push Notifications: Adding push notifications into the app for important, time sensitive account updates and changes.
  • Continual Improvements: Our team has refined and gotten really good at our process which enables us to develop quickly and respond to issues faster. We are always optimizing and finding better ways to improve SalesRabbit’s user experience. 

This is just the beginning!

Thanks to our great team and all of our amazing customers we’ve been able to continually improve our app over the past few years. These updates are all things that have been done just this year, but we included a sneak peek of what’s to come next year so you know that we never settle, we will always be improving our app to give you the best experience possible.

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  1. Where would I be able to find more information regarding your Enterprise Account Improvements? Specifically for Single Sign-On. We are looking to integrate our Azure AD platform for our SalesRabbit accounts using Azure SSO.

    1. Hi Robin, thanks for your comment. I have passed your question on to your Account Manager and they’ll be reaching out to you shortly!

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