20 Sales Tips For Success in 2021

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Are you struggling with motivation as we make our way through 2021? You’re definitely not alone there. We know working everyday can be hard, especially in sales. So if you’re looking to spark some motivation to get you through the year, use these tips and tricks to get you started.

How to Be a Good Salesperson

  1. Always aim to solve pain points.
  2. Aim high.
  3. Provide value to your customers.
  4. Roll with rejection.
  5. Identify your motivation.
  6. Get personal with your customers.
  7. Always be networking.
  8. Work smarter, not harder.
  9. Know your product inside and out.
  10. Practice active listening.
  11. Know your competitors.
  12. Cut the fluff.
  13. Practice your cold calling script.
  14. Provide visuals.
  15. Always ask for a referral.
  16. Be open to hearing complaints.
  17. Be curious.
  18. Update your Linkedin profile.
  19. Automate where you can.
  20. Be flexible.

#1 Always try to solve pain points

The main goal of your job and the services your company provides is to solve pain points that your ideal customers have. This should always be top of mind and a big priority for any salesperson.

#2 Aim high

Having goals to work towards is what will keep you driven and motivated. Aiming high with personal goals is a great way to hold yourself to a certain standard of excellence and will also show that you take yourself seriously

#3 Provide value to your customers

If you don’t position your product in a way that provides immediate value to your customers, you’re making your job much harder. Customers look for the value in everything they buy so show them what they get out of buying your product and watch your close rate soar.

#4 Roll with rejection

Rejection is inevitable. Sales is a world of rejection, even the best salespeople in the world have faced rejection at one time or another. So when you do face that inevitable rejection, don’t equate it with your value as a salesperson, instead acknowledge the rejection and move on.

#5 Identify your motivation

Waking up to sell everyday is hard if you don’t have motivation. Motivation to work hard can be different for everyone and should be something you write down and remind yourself of often. You can choose one main motivation or have several, whatever gets you out of bed in the morning is enough to help you be successful.

#6 Get more personal with your customers

We don’t mean oversharing personal details, but connecting on a personal level beyond sales rep-customer will help you sell easier to them, motivate you to help solve their pain points, and help you enjoy conversations just a bit more. Something as simple as golfing, cooking, etc. is a great way to treat your customer like a person instead of a sale.

#7 Always be networking

Carry business cards every day. You don’t know when you’ll run into a potential customer or job opportunity so make sure you have some form of identification you can share with who you chat with. This also makes you look prepared or professional.

#8 Work smarter, not harder

Tirelessly knocking every door may seem like the right thing to do but you can actually get all the homeowners information before chatting with them from DataGrid AI. That way you prioritize customers that you know are a good fit for your business. Beyond that, also look for ways to automate your daily tasks and try finding shortcuts that will boost your productivity.

#9 Know your product inside and out

This may seem like a basic tip but you’d be surprised at how many sales reps don’t dig deep into their products and services, they just study surface level questions. But motivated sales reps go above and beyond to make sure they have the answer to any potential product question.

#10 Practice active listening

Actively listening to a customer is a great way to show that you care about their pain points and time. They will appreciate your ability to listen to their opinion and provide a thoughtful response. If you’re not familiar with active listening, here’s a guide. Start practicing now and notice the difference in your customer interactions.

#11 Know your competitors

As important as it is to know your own product, it’s equally important to know your competitors products, pricing, and strategies. So when customers ask how you compare to your competitors’ services you know exactly what to say.

#12 Cut the fluff

Customers don’t want to hear some long-winded story about your company’s founding or irrelevant details. They want to know how you’re going to solve their problems and provide value to their life, so cut the fluff and get straight to the point.

#13 Practice your cold calling script

No one likes making cold calls, but it doesn’t have to be the worst thing ever. If you practice a few cold calling techniques and make a small script you can get more creative and involved in the process. This will get a good response from your customers too.

#14 Provide visuals

When it’s necessary or available, add photos or videos to your sales pitch. This breaks up the monotony and adds a bit of spice to an otherwise boring pitch. So don’t be afraid to get visual and show your customers exactly what they’d be buying.

#15 Always ask for a referral

Asking for a referral can seem daunting, but we have a guide to make it easier for you. Getting a referral doesn’t have to be difficult, it should be a natural next step after helping a satisfied customer so you can reap additional rewards.

#16 Be open to hearing complaints

Not every customer will be completely satisfied with your service so complaints are sure to come. But instead of taking each complaint seriously, respond with a simple and calm “Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I appreciate your honesty.” This is a great way to dissolve some of the customers’ anger because they feel heard and understood.

#17 Be curious

Never settling with a problem or solution is a great way to make sure you’ll always be a productive salesperson. Always be looking for ways to improve a product, service, or sales pitch. Never settle for the status quo.

#18 Update your Linkedin profile

We know you’ve been putting off updating your profile..this is your sign to add all your new accomplishments and make your page look more professional (it’s time to change that 8th grade email address too).

#19 Automate where you can

There’s no point to doing a lot of tasks when you could automate certain daily tasks. Here are some of our favorite apps to get the job done but save you time.

#20 Be flexible

Sales have evolved since Covid-19 so it’s time to be flexible. You may occasionally run into a customer that is nervous about having you come to their home so you need to be prepared to provide solutions to your customers concerns and be flexible about it.

What Tips Do You Have?

If you have some sales tips that help you share them down below so we can add them to our next list. We could all benefit from more tips and tricks to improve our approach to sales as the world and sales industry evolves.

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