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12 Best Apps for Salespeople—Part 1

Posted by Sean | October 29, 2020

The 12 best apps salespeople use every day

There are a lot of apps in the outside sales world that make the life of reps easier. Some are for entertainment and others create a simpler contacting or organizational system for you and your sales process. These are 12 of the top apps for salespeople that we know will make your life and sales process easier every day you use them.

Top 12 Sales Apps

These are rated the best apps for salespeople by our very own sales team. All of these apps are free and simple for anyone to use: 

  1. Whatsapp: Use this reliable messaging app to contact customers or coworkers. If you prefer calling or sending voice messages to clients instead of messaging, it’s fast, simple and secure to do that with Whatsapp.
  2. Messenger: Connected to Facebook is the messenger app that anyone can use. Instead of having to make phone calls all the time, start messaging customers and coworkers quickly or using FaceTime through Messenger for a more personal touch. 
  3. Quicktime Player: The Quicktime Player app developed by Apple is capable of handling various formats of videos, pictures, and sounds that sales reps view digital media in high quality. 
  4. Spotify: If you’re in the car or walking door-to-door all day, music is a great way to liven up the travel in between customers for a low monthly subscription. Spotify gives you access to millions of songs and makes playlist suggestions to help widen your music taste.
  5. Zapier: This automating app is the best way to sync your personal and work schedules and stay organized in life on a daily basis. A lot of companies and salespeople use Zapier to automate their business and build connections.
  6. Repcard: To help build a strong presence and reputation in sales, Repcard has helped a lot of sales reps and lucky for everyone SalesRabbit is already integrated with this rep verification company to make the process easier. 
  7. Everlance: If you’re a rep that drives from area to area often, Everlance automatically tracks your mileage and expenses used to make sure you get any reimbursements you deserve. 
  8. Zillow: Sales reps use Zillow to get information on the homes in their areas and people that are moving in or out. That way they can be the reps to visit the new mover first. Getting to a customer moving in or out of the home is a great way to build rapport and ensure that they use your roofing, solar, or other service for their home.
  9. Whitepages: A lot of people only think about the giant contacts book dropped off in their driveway each month, but the Whitepages are now an electronic resource that salespeople can use to find contact information for potential and existing customers.
  10. LinkedIn: In any professional setting, having a strong LinkedIn profile is a great site to point customers and future employers to to get to know you better.
  11. Slack: The team messaging app, Slack is used by a lot of companies (including our awesome team), schools, organizations, and sales reps. A communication service like this can also be a great way to connect your business with another and improve B2B relationships.
  12. Zoom: For the meetings with customers or coworkers that can’t be in person, Zoom is the best option for virtual meetings. If Zoom isn’t the program for you, check out our Best Virtual Meeting Tool Recommendations for 2020.

Download Now

If you feel like any of these apps would make your day-to-day life easier as an outside sales rep, download any of them now. These 12 apps have personally made the life of the SalesRabbit sales team and many others easier every day.

Tell us what apps you like to use!

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