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Employee Stories

Posted by brady | September 20, 2018

Meet some of the amazing team members at SalesRabbit

At SalesRabbit, it’s important for us that every employee feels recognized, empowered, and celebrated. For those of you considering a job here at SalesRabbit, or simply just wanting to learn more about our culture, here are some employee stories that exemplify what we’re all about.


“I started my first tech job ever at SalesRabbit as a Quality Assurance Analyst with goals to eventually move into a Front-End Engineering role. While in the QA role, I was given several tools and resources to continue my education and learn more software development skills. I felt from very early on that they weren’t just investing in my skills, but in me as an individual.

But circumstances changed. I moved out of state and left SalesRabbit, but I kept a great professional relationship with Barima (Our VP of Engineering) and kept him up-to-date with what I was learning and struggling with in my new QA position. 6 months later, I returned to Utah. Although the Quality Assurance position I left was no longer available, Barima gave me the opportunity to showcase what I learned during my time away and let me interview for a front-end position.

I was presented with multiple competitive offers at surrounding companies but returning to SalesRabbit was the easiest and best career decision I could have made. From day one as a fresh face in the tech industry, I’ve been empowered, encouraged, and trusted to own my projects at SalesRabbit and I knew I’d be able to grow exponentially here under awesome management and team dynamics.”


“By August 2016, I still had a year of school at BYU in the Masters of Accountancy program but had formally accepted a job offer from Deloitte Advisory in Portland for when I had finished. By December that year, I had stopped being a research assistant for a local company and was looking for a part-time job. A friend of mine was the Director of Customer Success at SalesRabbit, and he called me up about helping with their billing each month. I started part-time New Year’s Eve with Brady, the CEO, Sean, the VP of Sales, and their wives all helping to start billing for the new year.

January 2017 was a data processes and information accessibility nightmare, but it was an amazing learning experience and opportunity to really make an impact at a young SaaS company. I helped create a monthly process to bill SalesRabbit’s fast growing portfolio of clients, provide performance measurements of our Customer Success initiatives, and create processes for dealing with customer upgrades, cancels, and sales.

While working as a part-time employee, after 2 months, I was approached by the executives at SalesRabbit with a full-time offer to be the Billing and Revenue Manager; after conferring with my BYU advisors, I declined Deloitte’s offer and accepted SalesRabbit’s, effective as soon as I graduated in April.

After less than a year at the company, personnel changes opened up a new position which I was offered — Director of Finance and Business Intelligence. I have learned the ins and outs of financial operations in a SaaS environment, including everything from investor requests to daily operating procedures. SalesRabbit has provided me so many learning opportunities and I have gained so many important relationships with the amazing co-workers I have here.

SalesRabbit has helped jumpstart my career more than I could have possibly imagined coming out of college. I have been able to work on strategy-changing projects, learn valuable insights from friends and coworkers, and establish a strong resume of SaaS experience that I could not have gotten working in Public Accounting. Choosing to join SalesRabbit was exactly the right choice for my career.”


“I started working at SalesRabbit in July 2017. It’s been a remarkable experience, particularly due to the people I have the privilege to work alongside and skills I have been able to gain. The atmosphere radiates success – everyone is eager to succeed and wants others around them to succeed.

I have had a unique opportunity to build skills within my strongest interests – writing and psychology. I’ve expanded the SalesRabbit Help Center, as well as write articles for the SalesRabbit blog. Learning how to properly conduct research and write in a professional manner has helped me prepare for going back to college to study psychology. I was able to enroll this previous Fall– though it’s been several years since I’ve been in school, these skills I have built at SalesRabbit have helped me hit the ground running. When tough times hit me on a personal level and I became a single mom abruptly, SalesRabbit came to my aid and provided resources and tools to get through those times. They also partnered with Bloom for Women, which has been a great network for a single working mom like myself. It’s a wonderful privilege to work for a company that cares about their people on a personal level.

SalesRabbit is like family– candor is expected and welcomed, and we are all looking out for each other. We all have the opportunity to get to know each other and each other’s families outside of a work atmosphere since the company throws get-togethers typically once a quarter. We play games, all our kids have fun together, and we enjoy great food. Having these bonding moments make us a stronger unit within the office. Juggling everything in my life wouldn’t be possible without the flexibility and support I’ve received here at SalesRabbit. They have encouraged me to develop in all aspects of my life and allowed me to play a big role in helping the company get to the next level.”

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