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EagleView Meets SalesRabbit in a Game-Changing Integration

Elevate your solar sales potential through the SalesRabbit and EagleView partnership. Empowering your solar sales teams, SalesRabbit's dynamic Proposals tool seamlessly merges with EagleView's precision designs, ensuring your reps present compelling and accurate proposals that stand out in the industry.

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Upgrade how you do solar sales with lightning-fast proposals and industry-leading solar designs.

Close on the Spot with Confidence

SalesRabbit Proposals

Ditch pen and paper for a faster, more intelligent way to pitch solar panels. Create, customize, and send digital proposals instantly.

Unleash the Power of Fast and Accurate Solar Design


Improve solar sales and planning with TrueDesign™ by EagleView. Experience game-changing auto-generated PV designs, using trusted data, minimizing change orders, reducing costs, and boosting profit margins throughout the solar contracting journey.

Enhance Solar Sales Efficiency with SalesRabbit + EagleView

Seamlessly transform leads into actionable proposals within SalesRabbit. Boost your reputation by minimizing inaccuracies and delays, showing your commitment to professionalism and efficiency.

Effortlessly collaborate with EagleView’s design experts through SalesRabbit’s integrated platform. Submit design revisions, updates, and changes directly from the Proposal tool.

Use technology without the steep learning curve. The SalesRabbit and EagleView integration simplifies the process, allowing you to harness the benefits of solar design without the need for in-depth technical or design knowledge.

Your proposal’s design journey starts in a flash when it's transmitted to the EagleView team. Their experts craft the design, with a typical turnaround of 3 hours. Once the design is completed, it seamlessly integrates into SalesRabbit.

Sell More Solar with SalesRabbit and EagleView

Start your journey towards a more efficient and effective sales process with SalesRabbit and EagleView. Dive into how this collaboration simplifies and speeds up the creation of accurate proposals.

Learn how you can present detailed designs that showcase system specifications, offsets, and production forecasts, instilling trust in your potential clients. Explore how this partnership minimizes the need for revisions and changes, helping you save time and improve customer satisfaction.

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Overall, I highly recommend SalesRabbit to any solar sales consultant looking to streamline their workflow, increase their productivity, and take their sales performance to the next level.

Brian S on G2


Phenomenal program, I coulnd’t imagine selling solar door to door without this streamlined application. Their response times to technical issues are quick, 11/10, highly recommend

Nate B. on Google Business Reviews


Great app for people in the solar industry, or anyone knocking on doors!

Austin Eschan on the Google Play store


We switched from a competitor to SalesRabbit back in March 2022 as our D2D team grew across 2 states (and now we’re in 2 more!). It was an excellent decision we haven’t looked back on since.

rnansloth on The App Store