Ultra targeted digital ads.

Pinpoint delivery
down to the address level.

Boost is a digital marketing technology that increases close rates for field sales teams. It powerfully and accurately targets specific households and businesses with digital advertising.

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Warm up and Follow Up

Use it to warm up a lead before a sales rep contacts them or follow-up your pitch with tailored messaging.

How does Boost work?

SalesRabbit Boost plants seeds in specific sales territories by displaying geo-targeted ads on devices that your prospects use every day. This additional touch-point creates awareness, brand recognition, and trust. It reinforces the salesperson’s pitch and keeps your product front-of-mind with custom display ads and messages. These are not your basic Facebook or Google Ads.

Boost Campaign Types

Pre-Sale Territory Seeding

Target sales territories prior to door-to-door or business visits. Leverage dynamic creative to reach homeowners or businesses within each territory.
Smart targeting prevents waste on non-residents.

The Boost Advantage
  • Precision | Target a specific address or an entire sales territory
  • Personalization | Create ads that fit the prospect or location
  • Custom Areas | Target areas can be drawn in custom shapes
  • Ad Delivery | Across multiple devices, apps, and browsers
  • Target Sales Territories 4-7 days in advance of door-to-door activity
  • Set daily frequency between 4-6 impressions per user
  • Set recency setting to 1 hour to minimize waste on transitory visitors
  • Customize dynamic creative for maximum impact


Boost users will have access to granular reports that can break down campaign performance down to the ZIP+4 level. Gauge your marketing reach with impression metrics and dial-in on engagement with click-throughs. Dashboards display trends at a campaign level. Filter by ad and device type.

Ad Specifics

Use your own display ads, or have a Boost designer create some for you. Various formats are available, including JPG, PNG, GIF, or HTML5. Customize ads by location or even by sales rep.

Ad Delivery

Ad inventory is also available for video or audio ads. The ads can run within apps, mobile browsers, on websites accessed by laptops and desktops, and on connected TVs.

Boost has access to the most popular services.


Boost has a minimum requirement of $2,000 per month ad spend, active for at least 90-days.


Roofing Company

Use a kml file to show storm strike zones and then send ads to devices in just those areas. Let them know you’ll be in the area and prepare them for a free consultation.

Pool Cleaning Company

Use a satellite view to find and target houses that have pools. Don’t waste ad impressions on homes that don’t even have a pool.

The opportunities are endless. Chat with us and we’ll talk through some custom options for your company.


Request a Consultation

You can request an invite to Boost by giving our Rabbot your information. You’ll be added to the list and a Boost expert will reach out to you when a spot is available.


Consultation Call with a Boost Campaign Manager (BCM)

Identify campaigns of interest, campaign goals and parameters, geographies, timelines, reporting metrics, key account contacts, budget, and available creative assets.


Boost Proposal

The BCM will complete an analysis on campaign goals and outcomes and return a customized proposal to the client, outlining campaign structure, terms, and details. Upon acceptance, the client then receives an insertion order form, authorizing us to proceed.


Creative Creation

The BCM then orders creative units, programs the campaigns, and acts as a marketing concierge during the campaign launch.


Post Campaign Launch

We monitor campaign performance and report on the results.



BCM continues to optimize campaigns based on feedback and reporting.

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What is SalesRabbit?

SalesRabbit is the complete outside sales app. A sales enablement service and mobile CRM designed specifically for outside sales, including field sales and door-to-door sales teams. Our canvassing app provides solutions for lead tracking, lead management, and all your other field sales and d2d needs.