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Still using SalesRabbit Lite? Our free tool has given you access to amazing lead management and routing capabilities. We’ve put a lot of time and sweat into this app and our clients see a huge spike in productivity when they use it. We hope you experienced the same! But SalesRabbit can do a lot more than you’ll see in the free version.

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Not ready to commit just yet? Here’s are just a few things we offer with our paid plans:

Tools for Sales Rep and Manager Alignment

Sales Rep Tracker

GPS Tracking gives you a clear picture of a rep’s performance, clearing the fog of uncertainty and enabling you to know exactly how your teams spend their time.

Rep Leaderboards

Sales Leaderboards track key performance indicators and facilitate competitions that target key performance issues with reps.

In-app Team Messaging

Team Messaging puts real-time communication in every rep’s pocket, keeping them connected and unified. Use it for trash talk or use it for pep talks– whatever keeps everyone going strong.

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Features for Scaling Teams

Sales Territory Mapping

Territory Management allows you to confidently assign and organize territories with the intuitive mapping feature and the database of information we provide, including reports on previous rep performance in that area.

Customer Mapping

Upload an existing list of leads to SalesRabbit. You can ask them for referrals, use their names as you canvass around them, get feedback from them, or even just save time by skipping over them.

Custom Fields

With our custom fields, you can adapt your data collection to match the needs of your specific industry.

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Additional Add-on Features

DataGrid AI

Too many field sales companies waste time and resources with prospects that aren’t going to buy. DataGrid AI identifies your ideal customer, shows them on the map, and provides their homeowner information (household income, credit score, marital status, and more) so you can contact them quickly and effectively.

New Mover Leads

We’ve created a way for companies to know when these moves are happening so they can be the first to offer their products or services. With Movers you’ll get in-app lead lists when a house is listed, removed, pending, and closed so you’re always the first one there.


Weather maps are key for restoration companies who want to quickly and effectively work areas with roof or home damage. We’ve made things easier and built storm map overlays directly into the app, so you can quickly find, track, and sell your ideal leads.

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Digital Contracts

Our form builder and contract creator makes it possible for every sales team to go completely digital and completely mobile. Shed your paper costs, eliminate data entry errors, collect electronic signatures, and accelerate your sales.


Learn is the most comprehensive learning platform available to door-to-door and field sales teams. Train with the top names in sales, customize your own training tools, and master your craft.

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Direct Software Integrations

We provide dozens of useful integrations that connect directly to your SalesRabbit account for easy access. Integrating our software with your favorite apps like Salesforce, HubSpot, JobNimbus, and Zapier helps save you the time and money you need to simplify your tech stack.

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