Learn To Succeed

Technology plays an important role in sales organizations. The right tools can enable a team manager and motivate individual reps.

Here are some of the features that can help a sales team succeed:

Sales Rep Motivation

Sales Rep Tracker

GPS Tracking gives you a clear picture of a rep’s performance, clearing the fog of uncertainty and enabling you to know exactly how your teams spend their time.


Sales Leaderboards track key performance indicators and facilitate competitions that target key performance issues.

Team Messaging

Team Messaging puts real-time communication in every rep’s pocket, keeping them connected and unified. Use it for trash talk or use it for pep talks– whatever keeps everyone going strong.


Sales Team Efficiency

Sales Territory Mapping

Territory Management allows you to confidently assign and organize territories with the intuitive mapping feature and the database of information we provide, including reports on previous rep performance in that area.

Map Your Customers

Upload an existing list of customers (or leads) to SalesRabbit. You can ask them for referrals, use their names as you canvass around them, get feedback from them, or even just save time by skipping over them.

Custom Fields

With our custom fields, you can adapt your data collection to match the needs of your industry.

Sales Mastery


Know everything about homeowners: their name, whether or not they are renting, how long they’ve lived there, their income, marital status, occupation, blurred credit rating, and much more.

Digital Contracts

Zip through a sales transaction using paperless e-contracts. Give your customers an easy, professional, and secure experience and minimize transaction time.

File Attachments

Attach pictures, videos, PDFs, and more. Take that crucial picture or video and attach it as part of your lead documentation.

Digital Sales Tools

Upload training videos and documents straight into the app for your reps to view in the field. Illustrate your point with a versatile sketch tool or present up-to-date materials within your sales team’s media library.

Web App

SalesRabbit is available for both iOS and Android. But it’s also available as a stand-alone web app. Log in from any browser and manage your leads, areas, teams, and account. It’s perfect for leaders who are managing their sales team from the office.


We do not currently offer live support to our free users. However, we do provide a vast library of support articles in the Help Center. You can access the Help Center in the SalesRabbit app settings.

What else could help a sales organization grow?

Continued Learning

Use a platform like Learn to develop your team's sales skills. Train with the top names in sales and master your craft.

Marketing & Advertising

Use technology like Boost to increase close rates. Target specific households and businesses with digital advertising. Warm up a lead before a sales rep even talks to the prospect or follow-up your pitch with tailored advertising.